My new Blog

10 12 2008

Hi everyone, i have made a new blog, so ill be updating only that anymore, heres the link to my new blog


DigitalPoint Forums Toolbar ver 1.1

27 06 2008

Due to the overwhelming response i recieved for the first version i set to work on the update of the toolbar,Β  I just completed the new enhanced version of the toolbar.

New Features that i added are

  • A Built in Search Field ( Searches both posts as well as thread )
  • Added all the links to the sub forums ( Man it was a herculean task πŸ˜› )
  • Added a FAQ/Rules Button

I really thank the effort of Mr. Milosz Wlazlo for providing the icons are freeware.

To download the plugin please goto the firefox addon site, i request you to please write a feedback there so that the plugin can be approved and you can receive the updates automatically when i update.

Heres the screenshot of the new toolbar

The download link:

Installation Instructions:

Just click Install πŸ˜€ in the site

DigitalPoint Forums Toolbar

22 06 2008

I made a digitalpoint forums toolbar for my use, but i later thought ill realease to for general public use, Man many like it, i did’nt know it will become soo popular, im just glad everyone likes it, i will surely provide more upgrades and features in the next realease. Thanks for the support guys

You may download the plugin in my Projects page

Pod Trouble

5 06 2008

After the recent software update from Apple for my Ipod Nano 3rd(ver 1.2), There has been lots of system hangs, always my ipod gets stuck often. I don’t know if its the software which is causing this, but after the software update it causes the ipod to hang. So most of the times i was restoring the software every time it hangs using Itunes, Later it get was frustrating as all my songs,podocasts,photos where also erased with it, so i searched the net and THEN i realised πŸ˜› there is something called restarting a system he he..


Restarting an ipod is pretty simple, you need to do the following steps

  1. Check if HOLD button is NOT on hold πŸ˜›
  2. Slide the HOLD button to hold and slide it back to unhold again
  3. Press and hold the MENU button and CENTER button simulatenously for a few seconds(5-6 sec). You should see the screen go blank and a Grey apple logo on the screen. You may release the buttons then.
  4. If you dont see the logo, try repeating the steps 2 and 3.
  5. If that doesn’t help try restoring the apple software using itunes( πŸ˜› like how i used to do before )
  6. If even that doesn’t help you have bigger problems call the apple customer care and pray that you are in the warranty period.

Most of the times restarting the ipod helps, if not that restoring the ipod software helps most times.


A Lil Multitouch in my Life

1 06 2008

I’ve been following this multitouch buzz from a few months now, Last month i presented a paper on multitouch with a intention to educate the people in my college about the usability of multitouch and guess what i won the first place πŸ™‚

The first article which really made me enthusiastic about multitouch was a home inventor called Blaxwan’s blog, he provided a detailed step by step instruction of build one at home, i was very impressed, from his blog i was redirected to Jeff Han’s Presentation Video at TED

From then there was no looking back i got crazy about this tech, i searched for hours in the net for more articles, finallyy i landed up in a forum named NUI Group, man this place is a like a treasure island for homebrew multitouch displays, softwares,hardware and all discussion regarding building a Multitouch similar to microsoft surface at home.. I got to learn many many things from that forum

From there i learnt to build a Mini Multitouch setup, my bro bought me a Xbox Live Vision Cam and i built the setup, man was i amazed πŸ™‚ , i was over joyed to have a working multitouch trackpad in my house

Following are some of the pics i took of the setup

The XBox Cam and My Nephew’s Foot πŸ˜›

The Exterior of the Entire Setup, Yeah yeah I know i couldnt get better box πŸ˜›

It really dint cost me anything to build this, expect for the camera which costs 40$ and the rest of the things came within 50 cents thats like around 20 Rs in India

Below is the link to the demo video πŸ™‚

My dream is to get a working Multitouch table built and develop some unique softwares for it. Ill keep this blog updated now that i got PR πŸ™‚


1 06 2008

Wowie my blog is PageRank 3, i never thought it will hit this mark sooo soon πŸ™‚ , i cant let this go down, i will write better articles, i’ve been working on a few of my own sites and Multitouch (oh man i’ve lots to write about this stuff). Yippeeee πŸ™‚

All in a months work

24 03 2008

Ok let me first begin with answering your question “Where the heck was i all these days ?”. A lotta things happened with in the past 30 days, firstly i lost my ipod shuffle because of my ignorance, secondly i started getting nightmares of that horrible interview experience[the reason i started this blog].. i was feeling miserable for both the things.. i was down like a computers standyby mode for like 2-3 days i did not tell anyone..
My best friend Archana noticed this, she is one girl who notices everything in me, wrong, right, anything. I talk alot to her, discuss all my problems with, and she advices me for everything, practically gets me to think in a proper direction.. There are 4 people whom i listen to in this world
1. My Father
2. My Mother
3. My Brother (I follow whatever he says to the max)
4. Archana
Next to my brother, its basically Archana, So now let me tell you what i did after the great depression πŸ˜› lol, i started freelancing work to get myself another ipod, this time a ipod nano 3rd generation :).
I did lots of php,javascript,ajax projects and even launched my very own web company along with my programming partner Deepak R Pai, We named the company, and our first product was launched, “Buzzywall” a one click wallpaper site creator, till date we have 25+ clients, provided lots of support, what we got from all this,
>> Money πŸ™‚
>> Customer Handling Skill
>> Lots of programming skill
>> Marketting & Advertising Skill
Finally afterall this, i withdrew the money and on 20th i got my new ipod, muwahahahhahahhhaaaaa πŸ™‚ ,just to show off πŸ˜› i have attached pics of the new ipod he he, ha ha anyways readers ill write again soon, i’ll be presenting a paper on Multitouch displays soon, will keep you people updated, pinngggg

Ipod Nano 3g